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Racjonalna „irracjonalność” chłopskiego sposobu życia w refleksjach Jana Szczepańskiego

Katarzyna Jaskulska i Lucjan Kocik

Rational “Irrationality” of the Peasant Way of Living in the Reflections of Jan Szczepański

he article refers to Weber’s distinction of human activity into the one inspired by formal rationality on the one hand, and real one on the other, which cannot be presented as calculation of sources, costs and profits. It is a kind of social-cultural rationality which cannot be counted and which used to be a background of the peasant way of living, an axiomatic-normative system, perfectly integrated and able to meet various human needs at the same time. Penetration of formal rationality (money and market) in the peasant life and culture has led to moral-behavioral anomy of contemporary country with all its negative results.