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Idea unii polsko­czechosłowackiej i środkowoeuropejskiej a polityka polska, czechosłowacka i sowiecka w czasie II wojny światowej

Tadeusz Kisielewski

The Idea of Polish- Czech and Mid- European Union Designed in the Times of World War II and Polish, Czech and Soviet Politics

The author of the article deals with the issue of the Polish-Czech union, which was supposed to be signed after the Second World War, as the first step towards a broader Mid-European union, ranging from the Baltic to the Black or even to the Adriatic Sea. However, the union was not accomplished because of Czech authorities, influenced by Moscow, London and Washington on Middle Europe, raising the question if the union was possible at all. He considers Mid-European countries in the situation when the union was signed. In conclusion he remarks that the decision about integration of Middle Europe belonged to “the great three”, and it was negative.