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Józefa Piłsudskiego idea federacyjnego związku państw wschodniej Europy (1918–1922)

Zbigniew Zaporowski

Józef Piłsudski ’s Idea of Federal Association of East European Countries (1918–1922)

J. Piłsudski’s federalist concept was based on the assumption that the major threat to Eastern Europe was Soviet Russia and secondly – Germany. Thus an association of countries had to be formed to prevent aggression. The union between Poland and Lithuania, including Belarus was supposed to be its basis. The next country included was to be independent Ukraine. Latvia and Estonia were to come later. The project was not completed as the countries in question were either too weak (Ukraine, Belarus) or did not want the federation (Lithuania). The later one preferred an independent national country. Piłsudski’s initiative, taken up many times within 4 years (1918/1919–1922) was the only alternative to the Moscow idea of considering the area between Russia and Germany as the territory of its influence.