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Między tradycją a nowoczesnością. Społeczeństwo żydowskie w drugiej połowie XVIII w.

Anna Michałowska­-Mycielska

Betwen Tradition and Modernity. Jewish Society in the Second Part of the 18th Century

The article presents transformations of the Jewish society in Polish Republic of the 2nd part of the 18th century. Jewish administrative institutions underwent evident crisis, first of all – financial, but also the one associated with decreasing authority of local administration. There appeared two new trends, the Jewish Orthodox Church and the Jewish Progressive One, striking at traditional institutions and elites. Administrative-treasury reforms made by the Parliament in 1764 brought serious changes for the Jewish population, whereas the reform of the Jews was on the agenda of political press and the subject of the Four-Year Parliament. The difficult half-century resulted in the Partition of Polish Republic, dividing the Jewish population between three neighboring countries.