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Wyprawa kijowska w polskiej propagandzie prasowej

Bogusław Korzeniewski


From the very beginning, the raid on Kiev was a subject of political debates and fierce press polemics. Propaganda of political parties resulted directly from federalist concepts of Józef Piłsudski and the way, they were put into practice. The belvedere party supported the raid. Piłsudski’s supporters considered it a realization of projects to weaken Russia, thanks to appearance of independent Ukraine, connected with a treaty with Poland. The raid on Kiev was pictured as a historical mission of Poland in the East. Piłsudski’s politics was strongly disapproved of by the communist and the National Democratic press. The Democrats were not enthusiastic about the raid. There was a variety of Piłsudski’s politics’ evaluation in the socialist press. The variety of attitudes towards the raid was also wide among PSL “Piast” representatives. The press propaganda of different political parties was varied in the times of the raid. It depended mostly on political views on Polish eastern politics and political tendencies. Moreover, it evolved according to the current front line events.