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Przeszłość, romantyzm, literatura. Głos w dyskusji polonisty z ukrainistą

Edward Kasperski


The article opens a discussion with two Stefan Kozak’s works: Ukrainian Preromanticism, published by the author in Ukrainian in 2003 and the book The Polish and the Ukrainian. In the Circle of Borderline Thought and Culture. Romanticism, published in 2005. It underlines the positive role of comparative literature in the studies on Polish-Ukrainian relationships. Furthermore, it indicates the new situation of Ukrainian Studies, which appeared after Ukraine had gained its independence. Being critical about certain Kozak’s suggestions, the article advocates the need to preserve the name Borderland, referring to eastern land of the First Polish Republic, as well as to the situation until 1945, i.e. the moment when Borderland was wiped out of the Polish who had lived there since the 14 century. As far as the beginning of Ukrainian romanticism, the article finds the arguments inefficient, shifting the moment to the 1820s or even further, towards the end of the 18 century.