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Jakie kresy? Jaka literatura kresowa? (Perspektywa współczesna)

Eugeniusz Czaplejewicz


Concerning Borderland, the article distinguishes the following meanings: (1) expansionistic – connected with nationalism (nowadays rather historical and anachronous) and (2) cultural – more valid (contemporary), defining Borderland as a cultural form occuring in the area of Mid-Eastern Europe in the 15–20th centuries: it is a real and unique, multiethnic and multilingual, heterogenic and sovereign form. What is crucial and long-lasting in it, is its Khazarian touch. Referring to Borderland literature, beside the national Borderland literature (e.g. Polish Borderland literature), which is more national than Borderland one, the article indicates and describes stricly Borderland literature, aimed at keeping cultural balance and sovereignty of Borderland. Characterizing the latter one, which is less known, the article analyzes Borderland eposes – by Maciej Stryjkowski (16th century) and by Józef Ignacy Kraszewski (19th century).