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Witold Gombrowicz wśród Czechów

Krystyna Kardyni-Pelikánová

Witold Gombrowicz among Czechs

The paper is a review of the Czech utterances and opinions about Gombrowicz. It opens with a very short utterance of an outstanding Czech specialist in Polish studies, professor Karol Krejči made in 1953, in the times of orthodox Marxism (however in this case Krejči was not influenced by it) through the utterances of the Prague Spring time of 1968 (O. Bartoš), the period of silence about him in the era of the so-called normalization era of Husak’s times to the fashion for Gombrowicz after 1989 and frequent and numerous translations of his works. Today nearly all works of Gombrowicz as a diarist, novelist, playwright and even philosopher are available in the Czech Republic. His works were also performed on the local stage – more or less successfully.