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Postkolonialne rekonfiguracje. Feminizm, religia, postsekularyzm

Monika Bobako

Postcolonial Reconfigurations. Feminism, Religion, Postsecularism

The text is based on the statement that the application of the postcolonial perspective in its late, post-Said form to analyze the phenomenon of religion has fundamental consequences for the feminist theory (and policy). According to the author, it is a particularly important factor which triggers the need to revise the attitude of feminism towards religion and to consider liberal secularization conceptual categories, used in a considerable part of the feminist political project. Based on Judith Butler’s analyses the paper presents how these categories contribute to the building of the false alternative between, on the one hand, the fight against homophobia and misogyny, on the other – the fight against anti-Muslim racism. The attempt made by Butler to cross conceptually that alternative is presented as an example of feminist and postcolonial postsecularism.