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Mrzonki racjonalnej kolonizacji w duchu narodowym. Roman Dmowski i polska emigracja do Brazylii

Michał Starczewski

Day Dreams of Rational Colonization in National Spirit. Roman Dmowski and Polish Emigration to Brazil

Roman Dmowski in 1899 went on a nine-month travel to Brazil in order to verify the idea of New Poland and “rational colonization in the national spirit” in the Brazilian state of Parana, advocated by Lviv emigration activists in exile. Although from the outset his attitude towards this idea was rather sceptical, however, he treated it seriously enough that he read in London the European literature devoted to emigration. Then wrote a book Wychodztwo i osadnictwo (Migration and Settlement). His stay in Brazil convinced him that the ideas of colonization were day dreams. The hitherto literature so far has mysteriously presented the Brazilian travel. Historians usually either do not understand the motivation of Dmowski, or thought that staying in America made Dmowski became a supporter of the colonization. This misunderstanding is accompanied by repetition of a wrong chronology of writing of Wychodztwo i osadnictwo.