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Figurowanie autofikcyjnej podmiotowości: hybrydowej, nomadycznej, transkolonialnej? Charakterystyka strategii pisarskich Niny Bouraoui na przykładzie powieści Mes mauvaises pensées

Clara Zgoła

Hybrid, Nomadic, Transcolonial Identity? Characteristics of Nina Bouraoui’s Writing Strategies on the Example of Autofiction Novel Mes mauvaises pensées

The article is an attempt to analyze selected writing strategies of Nina Bouraoui, a contemporary Algerian-French writer who talks about her own identity in the works which verge on literary genres: autobiography and prose fiction. Stylistic and thematic consideration of autofiction novel Mes mauvaises pensées permits to capture the specificity of hybrid, transcultural subjectivity in the text. Equally important interpretative clues are provided by postmodern nomadism and space-time perception of non-normativeness. Bouraoui’s works are classified as (post) postcolonial creativity, whose essential distinguishing feature is the process of simultaneous crossing of geographical, gender and cultural borders.