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Polskie inspiracje literaturoznawcze studiami postkolonialnymi. Impuls postzależnościowy

Hanna Gosk

Polish Postcolonial Literary Criticism Inspirations. Postdependency Impuls

The article presents the specificity of postdependency criticism as the one which better reflects Polish realities than postcolonial criticism. The concept of postdependency impuls is introduced, that is the stimulus appearing in the individual/collective consciousness when the position of the relationship between the dominant and subordinate subject changes. This stimulus animates narration of the end (oppression) and narration of the change which often holds the traces of discourses determined by bygone oppression, as proven by the contemporary Polish prose (works of M. Tulli, D. Masłowska, B. Umińska-Keff, I. Karpowicz, D. Bieńkowski and others) touching upon the subject of Others/Outsiders and comprehension of the concept “homeland”; this prose reveals the “secrets” of former subordinates and former dominators, sometimes it is nonheroic and modest/bashful. This has made postdependency narrative acquire postdependency, affective character.