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Rozumienie ciała w kulturze i medycynie wobec kulturowych przemian

Joanna Hańderek

Comprehension of Body in Culture and Medicine against Cultural Changes

The article presents the changes in the approach to carnality in the 20th century. Starting from the analyses of Geronte Böhme and his analyses of the historicity as to understanding of body, through the classic analyses of Michael Foucault to contemporary transhumanist concepts, the author presents not only the changes in the approach to the body, but also to medicine. In contemporary culture promoting the cult of a young body medicine may be treated as a science which serves to beautify or shape one’s own vision of carnality. The body itself is often regarded as a tool which a human may use to express himself/herself, or embed in cultural patterns. A body is no longer treated as a taboo which is proven by relaxed standards of behavior and exposing nudity. Medicine ceased to be a mission or a method of treatment for many researchers and its users and has become a tool to keep the body in a state which is desirable for a man. Transhumanists challenge the nature, treat technology and medicine as a remedy for human weaknesses, a chance to overcome an illness and death. This contemporary approach also indicates the significant changes in comprehension of a human and his/her capabilities.