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Wędrówki i przechadzki po Wilnie dwudziestolecia międzywojennego

Walentyna Krupowies

Wandering and Strolling around Interwar Vilnius

The article analyzes texts of three authors: Bułhak, Jankowski and Dőblin. These are the texts of various genres: Vilnius guide, which was intended to be a peculiar handbook of looking at and taking photos of the city; moreover features and travel reports. Their common element is a localized subject, which is Me wandering, walking and strolling around Vilnius, as well as the reader’s reception and researcher’s interpreting gesture. The analysis of these texts helped identify basic reading city codes in a specific historical time and formulate a working hypothesis on the functioning of the interwar Vilnius in several paradigms: post-romantic and landed gentry paradigm, Eastern European multiculturalism and paradigm of modernity.