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Likwidacja kultury wojny? O dyskusji wokół projektu Obalenie wojen Krzysztofa Wodiczki

Anna Wandzel

Abolishing the Culture of War? About Discussion on the Project The Abolition of War by Krzysztof Wodiczko

My paper discusses the project The Abolition of War by Krzysztof Wodiczko – in which the artist focuses on militarization of public space and ideologies, e.g. through the transformation plan of the Triumphal Arc in Paris. I discuss critical opinions of Douglas P. Fry, Adam Michnik, Rosalyn Deutsche and Adam Ostolski and try to indicate the advantages and disadvantages of Wodiczko’s project, as well as to determine which elements of his work should be subject to revision due to their utopian nature or not conforming to the current face of the war. At the same time I place the project in the context of a broader discussion on the relationship between culture and politics, the impact of public art on the social life and the characteristics of contemporary armed conflicts.