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Uśmiech melancholika. Sylwetka młodego twórcy listów z tomaszowskiego getta

Justyna Biernat

Melancholic’s Smile. Profile of a Young Writer of Letters from Ghetto in Tomaszów Mazowiecki

This article is an attempt to analyze the profile of the young writer of letters from ghetto in Tomaszów Mazowiecki and the artistic life of the Jews in the town during the occupation. Written in 1939–1941 unpublished letters of Israel Aliuhe “Lutek” Orenbach to his beloved Edith Blau – a Jew coming from the Free City of Gdańsk reflect the cultural aims and aspirations of the Jews, and create a comprehensive picture of a young, educated and ambitious artist. The text is divided into three chapters which analyze the following subjects respectively: the extermination policy in Tomaszów Mazowiecki (Clouds in the Sky), artistic activities of the Jews in the ghetto in Tomaszów as well as the key figures related to the Jewish culture of this period (Theater in Miniature) and the artistic profile of young Orenbach (Melancholy and Monotony). The aim of the article is to analyze the literary quality of preserved letters; moreover to describe theatrical activity of “Lutek” Orenbach and his significance in the contemporary cultural life of the Jews in Tomaszów.