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Puste miejsca powojennej cywilizacji europejskiej. Wesele hrabiego Orgaza Romana Jaworskiego

Weronika Szulik

Empty Places of Post-war European Civilization. Wesele hrabiego Orgaza [The Wedding of Count Orgaz] by Roman Jaworski

Roman Jaworski’s novel Wesele hrabiego Orgaza is about the end of the European civilization after the Great War trauma, namely, about its cultural fall. The article is an attempt to compare some of the author’s proposals with Giorgio Agamben’s philosophy about homo sacer. As a result of the comparison, Jaworski sees perhaps the salvation for Europe after the war. First, in the destruction of history, tradition and canon – rejection of returning to the past state after politicians’ peacetime agreements. Second, he sees it in mixing the sphere of sacrum and profanum not only in the cultural life, but also in the religious or social one, because violated holiness cannot be restored. Thanks to that the New Europe will create new post-traumatic order. But finally, Jaworski’s observations can be cynical, Europe just needed to go through its trauma.