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Pacyfista w „epoce wielkiego zamętu”. Kroniki tygodniowe Antoniego Słonimskiego

Aleksander Wójtowicz

Pacifist in “Age of Great Confusion”. Kroniki tygodniowe [Weekly Chronicles] by Antoni Słonimski

One of the leitmotifs of Kroniki tygodniowe (1927–1929) by Antoni Słonimski was a criticism of military ambitions of the European powers and the war propaganda. The writer confronted them with two ideas: pacifism and progress. Their conjunction defined the discursive frame comprising the main objectives of his journalistic writing torn between the belief about the crisis which the era suffered and belief that this is the transition state, a short stage on the way of shaping the society of tomorrow. The key to adjust these two orders were the concepts by H.G. Wells, in particular the metaphor taken from his writing of “the age of great confusion”.