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Środowiska twórcze w kampanii propagandowej w czasie wojny Polski z bolszewicką Rosją

Leszek Smolak

Creative Groups in Propaganda Campaign during the Polish-Soviet War

After 1920 in Poland the military aspects of Polish-Russian war were widely commented. This resulted, among others, from the need to take a position towards the opinions which appeared in the Russian publications, often blaming the Poles for starting the war. In the twenties and thirties of the last century, historians, commentators and writers focused mainly on various aspects of the art of war and the political implications of the war. Strengthening the position of the army, particularly the Piłsudski Camp in Poland after 1926 did not foster presentation of the artists’ efforts in the Polish-Russian war. The military were reluctant to share the splendour of their victory. In this situation little attention was devoted to artists, apart from the narrow circle of recognized writers. Presentation of creative output of writers, journalists, painters, graphic artists and sculptors, for whom the war – not always by choice – became a source of inspiration and creative exploration is particularly important.