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Spirytyzm po pierwszej wojnie światowej – od naukowej ciekawości do narzędzia pamięci

Alicja Urbanik

Spiritualism after World War I – from Scientific Curiosity to Memory Tool

The paper discusses popularity of spiritualism after the end of World War I. The author compares spiritualism of the second half of the 19th century and the post-war spiritualism, especially in the first years after 1918 to indicate the most important distinguishing features of this movement in the two periods mentioned. The thesis of the article is that spiritualism before 1914 expressed the faith in the rightness of progress and scientific curiosity, while spiritualism after the war became a way of transferring trauma to collective memory, and the individual and private method for handling a loss. The paper also tackles the impact of secularization, disappointment with progress and the change in the approach to death and mourning after the war.