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Manifestacja tożsamości w kulturze niematerialnej

Teodora Konach

Manifestation of Identity in Intangible Culture

The fundamentals of every community are knowledge and tradition. The intangible forms of heritage create an inseparable whole together with material objects, shaping culture, history and tradition of states and nations. Due to the UNESCO List dedicated to intangible culture it is possible to depart, in the context of heritage, from national communities to more extensive forms of social organization and to overcome the existing Eurocentric model of protection of cultural heritage. The question is if the intangible heritage will function as a universal metacultural production, performative projection of individual identities, and maybe it will be an element of the states’ cultural policy. Virtually, there is an infinite number of points of view which may build a representation of individual, community and national identity. Identity and manifestation are the concepts necessary for understanding the heritage in the category of institutionalization, policy, protection and presentation.