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Kolonialne i postkolonialne uwikłania łowców-zbieraczy w Afryce Środkowej

Urszula Markowska-Manista

Colonial and Postcolonial Dimensions of Entanglement of Hunter-Gatherers in Central Africa

The text outlines selected colonial and postcolonial dimensions of entanglement of hunter-gatherers (Pygmies) in Central Africa. The author discusses the entanglement which the Pygmies experienced and are experiencing in three dimensions: systemic, interactional – referring to interethnic relations at the stage of sedentarization processes and village life, as well as the dimension of representation: words and images and thus “representations of...”, present in an academic, literary and media discourse. The recognition of earlier forms of entanglement of the Pygmy population explains the current problems of indigenous peoples’ lack of voice and the disappearance of their identity. It uncovers a range of civilisational practices which include territorial and mental dispossession of indigenous people of their ancestral lands and a deprivation of natural resources as well as their cultural heritage based on oral transmission.