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Marian Małowist – polihistor i pionier postcolonial studies w Polsce

Błażej Popławski

Marian Małowist – Polyhistor and Pioneer of Postcolonial Studies in Poland

The aim of the article is to describe the contribution of Marian Małowist (1909–1988) – the Polish medievalist recognized by Immanuel Wallerstein as the initiator of the world-system-theory – in the development of the postcolonial studies. The paper presents the views of Marian Małowist on the role of Africa in the global trade system – his attempt to construct a model of postcolonial relations, the assumption of the “interdependence of regions” linking Europe with the countries of Western Sudan. The article also elaborates the methodology and historiosophy of the researcher of the non-European cultures, issues of dependency, progress and underdevelopment.