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Plakat z Polską w tle. Prace Władysława Teodora Bendy w kontekście sztuki plakatu

Aleksandra Jakóbczyk-Gola

Poster with Poland in the Background. Władysław Theodor Benda’s Works in the Context of Poster Art

The text discusses the history of the poster on the Polish territory during World War I with a particular emphasis on posters presenting the independence theme. The paper is focused on the works of Władysław Theodor Benda – a graphic artist, illustrator, painter. His connections with the graphic design resulted in a series of patriotic posters using national symbols during the First and Second World War. The article analyses selected the recruitment posters for the Polish and American Armies in terms of communication systems as well as those posters which were created for the organizations engaged in assistance to Poland. A special place took here the committee of Marcella Sembrich-Kochańska – the American Polish Relief Committee and of Ignacy Jan Paderewski – the Polish Victims Relief Fund as well as and the International Red Cross.