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Fałszywy Mesjasz? Woodrow Wilson i „kalekie zwycięstwo” amerykańskiego progresywizmu w Europie 1917–1919 (na przykładzie sprawy włoskiej)

Piotr Podemski

A False Messiah? Woodrow Wilson and the “Mutilated Victory” of American Progressivism in Europe 1917–1919 (The Italian Question Case Study)

The paper aims to analyse the European policies of Woodrow Wilson in the aftermath of World War I in the light of American Progressivism with a special emphasis on the Italian question. The author views Wilson’s peace programme as a consequence of his Americanbased beliefs and domestic reform schemes. He traces the myth of “La Merica” and Wilson in Italy during WWI despite anti-Italian prejudice among American elites. He demonstrates how Wilson’s unorthodox approach to the Italian question at the Paris peace conference failed to achieve the desired objectives while bringing about the myth of “mutilated victory” and paving the way for Italian fascism. Although Wilson’s own victory in Paris can also be regarded only as “mutilated”, in a longer perspective he is often considered a visionary of the present “Wilsonian Century”.