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« Retrouver les fils de la synchronie ». Bronisław Baczko et les lumières de l’utopie

Helder Mendes Baiao

The Ways of History: The Utopian Lights of Bronisław Baczko

Bronisław Baczko (1923) and Leszek Kołakowski (1927–2009) were two most important members of the Warsaw School of History of Ideas. At the end of the 1950s and the 1960s, the scholars working in contact with this research circle tried to overcome the teleological vision of the Marxist-Leninist historiography dictated by communist parties. A historian B. Baczko developed a methodology which aim was to understand how it interferes with philosophical tools and “visions of the world” (Weltanschauungen). His work investigates the Enlightenment imaginary, in which political and social utopias illustrate a horizon of aspiration.