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Ekonomia i historia idei

Paweł Kozłowski

Economy and History of Ideas

The article is not so much about connections as about the affinities of economy with the Warsaw School of the History of Ideas. These affinities do not have to be conscious or direct. In the Polish economy the ideas became important in particular in the second half of the 1950s and in the 1960s. The discussions on economic model, as well as stimuli and barriers to development in fact concerned ideological decisions. Their distinctiveness was also related to the style of practicing economy and main subjects of interests of economists and economic politicians. The power of connections depends not only on the state of the economy, but also on the actual structure of the history of ideas. Whereas in economy such articulation of affinities had limited range, the history of ideas includes even fewer of them. In fact, only Andrzej Walicki dealt with the issues concerning economy. They refer to the problems of modernization of the peripheral countries (such as Poland or Russia) and their seeking the way of development providing the place for everybody. The way the nineteenth-century England followed, its ideological Manchesterism is then one option and rather a warning than a beacon.