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Ekohistoryk wobec wyzwań przyszłości

Jan Kieniewicz

Ecohistorian Facing the Challenges of the Future

The article is an attempt to define future challenges which contemporary humanities face. The author undertakes this task from the ecohistorical position, which means interdisciplinary exploration of the social system environment. This research is aimed at defining future prospects. The author uses the General Systems Theory to present the original concept of the social system states. They are addressed with regard to relation of the society with the environment (elecological niche) and surrounding. The focus is on identity and transformation of societies. The discussion on prospects of their evolution is at the same time a debate on the future humanities in the face of new interpretations and concepts. The thesis of the article is that there is a need to focus research on the processes of the social system transformations as an introduction to effective land resources protection policy.