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Hiperhumanizm, czyli dlaczego kultura nie może wyjść poza samą siebie

Łukasz Jonak

Hyperhumanism, or Why Culture Cannot Transcend Itself

he paper engages pan-social sociology of Bruno Latour in order to examine the possible realizations of post-anthropocentrist/posthumanistic proposition. The starting assumption is that posthumanism is possible only by naturalizing the human or humanising non-human entities. A number of naturalistic strategies of post-anthropocentrism are being presented and concepts of non-human actants and hybrid societies are being analyzed. Whenever analyzed ideas and processes seem to interfere with naturalistic categories, those categories are being used in analyses. The conclusion (derived, among other things, from the way natural categories work or do not work in humanistic context) is proposed that posthumanism, understood as inclusion of non-human entities in relations of meaning and, above all, political pragmatics is, indeed (a noble, maybe useful) form of hyperhumanism.