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Adaptacja aliji gomułkowskiej w Izraelu (1955–1960)

Elżbieta Kossewska

Adaptation of Gomułka Aliyah in Israel (1955–1960)

The paper presents the ways and places of adaptation of Jews who left Poland and went to Israel in 1955–1960, the so-called Gomułka aliyah. Due to its scale and diversified occupational structure, it “got stuck” between the way of absorbing the Jews who arrived from Anglo-Saxon countries and the oriental countries. However, the same features of Gomułka aliyah, aspirations, ambitions, intellectual status, which inhibited rapid assimilation and were a source of numerous complaints and claims again the country shorty after arrival, appeared at the same time the source of power to defeat them, and in subsequent years of professional success as well. In this article I present the process of cultural, professional and political absorption of Gomułka aliyah.