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Krajobraz jak medium pamięci. Tekst i lektura gór dawnej Sarmacji Stanisława Staszica

Hanna Jurkowska

Landscape as Medium of Memory. Text and Reading of Mountains of Former Sarmatia by Stanisław Staszic

The article is an attempt of anthropological reflection on selected issues from O ziemiorództwie Karpatów (On the Origin of Carpathian Mountains) by Stanisław Staszic. The proposed interpretation is based on referring Staszic’s reading of the landscape to the concept of cultural memory practices. During his geological travels, Stanisław Staszic reconstructs the earliest, Sarmatian-Slavic past and in this way activates the mythomoteur of memory. Due to the richness of his thoughts the landscape of the Carpathians becomes a mnemotopos which serves mainly to shape the national identity. The President of the Warsaw Royal Society of Friends of Science also appears to be a smart observer of the present Carpathian mountains dwellers and includes interesting ethnographic remarks in his work.