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Legenda Stefana Starzyńskiego

Stefan Zabierowski

Legend of Stefan Starzyński

The aim of the article is to present the legend of Stefan Starzyński, the President of Warsaw in 1934–1939. This legend consists of three parts. In the first one (the least important for the shape of this legend) Starzyński is presented as the exemplary host of the capital; this part refers to the prewar period. The second part of the legend shows Starzyński as a charismatic leader of the people of Warsaw in September 1939, a man who devoted his achievements and agreed on destruction of Warsaw to defend the honour of the capital. The last part of the legend presents Starzyński as a martyr of national affairs, whom he became after he had been imprisoned by the Gestapo. The legend of Starzyński was recorded in literary texts – in poetry and prose – as well as memoirs of his colleagues, films, or monuments. Streets, schools and military units were named after Starzyński. He became an important part of the Polish national mythology.