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„Czarne będzie to, co słodkie, dobre, miłe i czułe”. Biała kultura na szafocie

Patrycja Cembrzyńska

“The Sweet, Good, Kind and Sensitive Will Become Black”. White Culture on Scaffold

Seeking “common areas for the white and nonwhite” (term of Edward W. Said) and examining the displaced identities if it comes to culture and geography, the British-Nigerian artist Yinka Shonibare presents how art and fashion have become supporters of the imperial policy of Europe. The recognizable element of his installations are figures without heads. The artist’s intention is to weaken dominant ideologies in works written centuries ago and to expose their effects. He uses the masterpieces of the European painting and the literary canon (e.g. The Tempest by William Shakespeare) to express experience of the colonized. Yinka Shonibare decolonizes the language of art, taking the figures of the white culture to the scaffold.