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O ekwiwalencji: to jest, znaczy się

Anna Kisiel

About Equivalence: to jest [that is], znaczy się [that is to say]

The article focuses on three equivalent particles: to jest [that is] and synonyms znaczy się [that is to say] /znaczy [which means] in the sentences of the following type: Domagał się ostatecznej decyzji Rady na jej najbliższej sesji, to jest / znaczy się / znaczy we wrześniu [He demanded a final decision of the Council at the next session, that is / that is to say / which means in September]. The corrective usage of equivalent items has been omitted. The unit to jest, znaczy się and znaczy are presented as contextual. The author examines composition of the thematicrhematic structure of sentences containing them. Differences between them, as well as between them and other (selected) items of the group of equivalent particles – in particular concerning the possibility to complete the commented rheme in relation to completing the rheme of the pre-text (e.g. possibility of occurring the analytical of reasoning sentences). Due to this description leads explication of these items has been proposed.