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Interdyscyplinarne i metodologiczne inspiracje w strukturalizmie i generatywizmie

Piotr Stelmaszczyk

Interdisciplinary and Methodological Inspirations in Structural and Generative Linguistics

The paper discusses the issue of interdisciplinarity in linguistic research, concentrating on structural and generative linguistics, and especially on de Saussure’s Course in General Linguistics and successive phases in the development of Chomskyan generative grammar. The first part focuses on the very issue of interdysciplinarity, and briefly mentions cognitive science, biolinguistics and neurorhetorics. The second part introduces elements of Fregean semantics, crucial for the development of contemporary philosophy of language and (formal) linguistics. Part three and four discuss various definitions of language in structural and generative linguistics, respectively. Whereas structuralism focused on the autonomy of language as an object of study and linguistics as an autonomous discipline, Chomskyan generativism redefined language as a mental organ, and linguistics become a constitutive part of cognitive science.