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Stosunek języka do rzeczywistości pozajęzykowej u Ferdinanda de Saussure'a

Ewa Drzazgowska

Relation between Language and Extralinguistic Reality in Ferdinand de Saussure’s Theory

My aim is to present philosophical and linguistic aspects of the Swiss scholar’s reflection focused on the chief question of relation between the language and extralinguistic reality. Firstly, I discuss the meaning which de Saussure gave to the formula “basic linguistic reality”. I present theoretical problems caused by his “linguistic sign” concept, I explain the status of de Saussure’s “real” linguistic units (linguistic “identity”), and indicate the role of proportion in this context. Secondly, I touch on the issue of the scholar’s alleged psychologism. Finally, to sum up I elicit and critically examine the relation between the language and extralinguistic reality, which emerges here.