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Langage – kłopotliwy element Saussure’owskiej triady

Magdalena Danielewiczowa

Langage – Troublesome Element of de Saussure’s Triad

The article discusses the notional scope of langage, the key term for de Saussure’s theory, which together with langue and parole creates a famous linguistic triad. Although extensive multi-lingual literature has been devoted to langue – parole opposition, langage remains a mystery. The Genevan scholar’s manuscripts found years later shed new light on understanding this category. They clearly prove that the main research object of general linguistic is nothing else but langage. The article presents four various seemingly clashing interpretations of this term (langage as a) a set of all speech phenomena, b) a sum of langue and parole, c) innate human power, d) a kind of generalization). The author also presented her own interpretation of langage, which makes de Saussure’s meanings presented earlier coherent.