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Tekst muzyczny w tekście literackim (dwa przypadki)

Anna Tenczyńska

Musical Text in Literary Text (Two Cases)

The article focuses on the presence and functions of the musical text in the literary text, which the author finds special – intersemiotic and intermedial as well – a kind of quotation. From this perspective she analyzes similarities and differences between the real and fictitious musical text included in the literary text on the example of the poem Ze śpiewnika domowego (From Home Songbook) by Jarosław Iwaszkiewicz, a novel Cudzoziemka (The Foreign Woman) by Maria Kuncewiczowa and Biali bracia (White Brothers) by Michał Choromański. Their polysemiotic and polymedia character inclines to ask questions about functions of this kind of direct references of literature to music, specificity of relations between them, finally about poetics of this kind of text.