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Sztuka kontrapunktu, czyli od polifonii do polifoniczności

Tomasz Górny

Art of Counterpoint – from Polyphony to Polyphonicity

The article consists of three parts. The first one presents the tradition of adding supplementary meanings to the musical text. Several examples of untypical for music discursive way of creating meanings are discussed. The second part examines the sound theme B-A-C-H, which refers to the musical, linguistic and numerological order at the same time. The third – last part formulates the definition of polyphony, which extends Bachtin’s understanding of this concept by: 1) employing permutation strategies, which enable rearranging particular elements of a lexical chain, having the features of anagrams and contrapuntal transpositions; 2) using multi-levels: both as to a single sign, which at the same time may refer to various areas, as well as on the composition level, by creating multi-level constructions.