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Od znaczenia do działania i z powrotem: nowe funkcje słowa w cyberpoezji i hipertekście

Marek Pisarski

From Meaning to Action and Back: New Functions of Words in Cyberpoetics and Hypertext

In digital literary texts, built on the programming and programmable basis, the verbal elements are adjacent to the visual, audial and kinetic ones. The performative layer added to the multi-sign surface serves as an umbrella unifying all these individual elements and the context, where they are put in order. The layer is formed by chains of actemes: action units of the receiver and the code designating additional semiotic code which defines the principles of interactive works. This article expands the reflection on the acteme (initiated in Jim Rosenberg’s presentation which is found classic if it comes to the theory of hypertext) on the example of the Polish digital literature: a hypertext adaptation of The Manuscript Found in Saragossa and – first of all – on the example of a cyber poem rozstrzelam krew (I will shoot the blood) by Łukasz Podgórni. Actemes and an event space created by them make the core of the interactive “work”, eclipsing – in particular in poetry – classic strategies of meaning creation, including the meaning of particular words. More important than these strategies (or at least prior to them) in the poem rozstrzelam krew are the displays of a reader’s actions determined by the author.