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Klasyfikacja relacji  słowo/obraz na stronach www. Prolegomena

Agnieszka Smaga

Classification of Word/Image Relation on WWW. Prolegomena Websites

The author focuses her research interest on World Wide Web pages as their graphic structure redefines distinctions between digital language and the image. When two levels of presentations of websites are juxtaposed – the layer which generates a digital message and the one which discloses it – a form of identification of a word and image appears, interlinked in the network. A difference between a word and an image is abolished in favour of: from the code perspective – the language of the image; from the www page level – the image of the language. Digital verbal and image messages become on the one hand inseparable, mutually dependent; on the other hand – they reserve the right to be visually separated, which takes place at the moment the website source is loaded, apart from its graphics. For the mentioned duality of form of word and image identification, it is difficult to find an analogue prototype, as it is connected with digital coding, conditioned by a technological solution.