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Intermedialność i komparatystyka intermedialna

Andrzej Hejmej

Intermediality and Intermedial Comparative Literature

In the latest humanities intermediality permits some people to describe the qualities of today’s social communication, some – to outline perspectives of new aesthetics, called the aesthetics of intermediality, and the others – to examine all possible connections and fusions of arts which have existed since the ancient times till the 21st century. The author of the article takes into account the thesis of Werner Wolf on a new paradigm in the studies on literature; he attempts to construct a new concepts for reading the texts regarded as hybrids, unfinished works, in statu nascendi. He focuses on intermedial artistic practices found in literature (realization of the so-called intermedial literature defined as “contemporary intermedial text”), which are more and more often explained in the context of new comparative literature. Formulated remarks on intermediality (cultural communication and intermedial art), modern literature and intermedial comparative literature in fact refer to the condition of a man in the contemporary world, the inevitable process of “expanding” the perception of the contemporary culture participant.