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„Doznanie nie przeżytego nigdy przedtem olśnienia”. Miłosz Stanisława Barańczaka

Kamil Dźwinel

“Revelation Not Experienced Before”. Miłosz according to Stanisław Barańczak

The text presents the reception of Czesław Miłosz’s works in Stanisław Barańczak’s scientific studies and essay writing. It is also a preliminary factual study on both poets’ friendship. Comprehensive studies on Miłosz’s heritage which the author of Etyka i poetyka (Ethics and Poetics) published – prove the important role of the Polish Nobel Prize winner in Barańczak’s reflections on literature and its duties. The principal aim of the work is to emphasize great fascination which the author of Podróż zimowa (Journey in Winter) felt towards the works of Miłosz and him as a person. “Revelation” which Barańczak experienced during reading of Świty (Dawns) constantly accompanied him while studying next works of the author of Ziemia Ulro (The Land of Ulro).