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Spotkania poza słowem w świecie bohaterów Bolesława Prusa

Marian Płachecki

Beyond Dialogue. Social Interaction in Bolesław Prus’s Narrative Prose

In Bolesław Prus’s narrative topography quite often appear... fences. The urban fences turn out to be heavily charged with a symbolic value as against the country ones, presenting themselves just as the material barriers. The urban or village fence guards the posh world enclosed, giving the people on its both sides a sense of hierarchy and order. As it happens, demolition of the fence diminishes the social merit of the physical setting. Fences are stability, but in themselves they are nothing but stable. In conclusion of the paper, the contextual functions of the fences in Bolesław Prus’s narrative prose are presented as an argument for the somewhat broadened notion of the showing/telling antinomy conceived by Percy Lubbock in The Craft of Fiction (1921).