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The Flea – ukryte przesłanie J. Donne’a

Dorota Gładkowska

The Flea – Hidden Message of J. Donne

The Flea is a poem by John Donne, in which a flea personifies love and physical fulfillment. The poet uses one of the most typical for the metaphysical poetry means of expression in literature – a concept – and finds parallels between two phenomena which seem to be completely different. How to understand Donne’s surprising concept and what is the purpose of his entire creative effort to discover such analogies? What universal metaphysical truth is hidden in this seemingly trivial poem? To find it, one should look carefully at the main concept of the poem and its structural elements. The way the concept is presented in The Flea and how it gradually becomes more complicated is a sign that the poem and the vision of the world it communicates may be much more complex than we initially thought.