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Genealogia tożsamości. Dziennik Karola Irzykowskiego (1891-1897)

Mateusz Chmurski

Genealogy of Identity. Karol Irzykowski’s Diary (1891–1897)

The aim of the article is to scrutinize Karol Irzykowski’s Diary (1891–1897) as a witness to his identity choices. The writer’s early dilemmas are considered crucial to understand his later literary works: from the initial tension between Lviv (where his mother stayed since 1881) and Brzeżany (his father’s estate) to the oscillation between Polish and German, and the paths of a poet and a literary critic. Thus, Irzykowski’s “erratic years” point to fundamental stages or even contracts on his way to artistic maturity. Self-defining himself in his diary, he finally chooses “experimental” literary creation: a point where writing his innovative metafiction, the Hag, seems almost necessary.