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Doświadczenia polityki miejskiej rządu carskiego w późnej twórczości Elizy Orzeszkowej

Grzegorz Marchwiński

Urban Policy Experiences of Tsar Government in Eliza Orzeszkowa’s Late Works

The author analyzes two selected elements of the tsar government's urban policy towards the Stolen Lands after the January Uprising. If it comes to human experiences, there was a mobility control, buildings were no longer used what they were intended for, which left people with a sense of humiliation and lack of control over the course of events. The structure and axiology of space and place in the late works by Eliza Orzeszkowa may serve as a comment both on mentioned, existential, as well as macrosocial effects of the urban policy. The latter concern departure of inhabitants from the Stolen Lands deep inside Russia, so-called emigration of talents.