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Konwencjonalizacja i ironia. Kilka wstępnych uwag o technice komediopisarskiej Włodzimierza Perzyńskiego

Szymon Kostek

On Conventions and Irony. Włodzimierz Perzyński’s Technique of Playwriting

Włodzimierz Perzyński (1877–1930) was a Polish novelist, comedy writer, columnist and poet who lived and wrote in the Young Poland period and the interwar era. The article raises a question of a technique of composition and artistic strategies of the Polish comedy writer. The dramatic conventions, for example, pièce bien faite (well-made play), tragédie domestique (domestic tragedy), farce and melodrama, which are the basis of Perzyński’s playwriting and his comedy-writing style, are the main objects of the analysis. But also Perzyński’s dramatic works are a representative example of employing of irony as an artistic strategy. In this case, irony is employed as a characteristic (of represented reality) or an attitude (of the author). Such comedies as Aszantka, Franio and His Happiness, Joseph’s History and Politics were interpreted in many dimensions. Perzyński’s dramas were situated in the frames of popular culture of the Young Poland period and the interwar era, however they kept originality.