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Miejsce braku pamięci. Przestrzeń w holokaustowych reportażach Hanny Krall

Anna Dobiegała

Oblivion Place. Space in Holocaust Reportage by Hanna Krall

The text discusses one type of the memorial discourse languages used by the author of Hipnoza (The Hypnosis) to talk about the past of World War II and the Holocaust – the language of space. The character of the space appearing in Krall’s texts – old Jewish towns and big city districts – can be best described by the expression “the oblivion place”, as the space in which the Shoah took place is not commemorated in any way. It is the place where the people and things which used to create the Jewish microcosm on Polin land no longer exist. The memory about them does not exist there either. There are only some remains and traces left after the past sztetls. Krall uses them to tell her readers about the death of six million Jews.