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Maszyna Mrożka (uwagi na marginesie lektury Dziennika 1962 –1969 S. Mrożka)

Maciej Wróblewski

Mrożek’s Typewriter (Some Side Notes while Reading Diary 1962–1969)

The essay Mrożek’s Typewriter presents different functions of the image of the typewriter in the text of the diary (vol. 1, 1962–1969) by Sławomir Mrożek. The typewriter is the most important tool for Mrożek who learns how to use it well in the creative process. Mrożek’s “exercises” on the typewriter finally take the form of a diary. In addition, in the first part of his diary this object gains its importance as the main topic. The typewriter in the text of the diary also exists as an element of the space in which the artist struggles every day.